Life hacks for Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries

Here I’m providing some life hacks for Indian Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries for long term benefits.

1 – Getting Financial reports –


Chartered Accountants may need financial reports of companies. For this, they need to make an account on Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ website. This process of downloading reports and documents from MCA website is a hectic process to the extent that sometimes it irritates me. Of course, it is not an issue if there are only five to ten documents of a company but, usually, there are thousands of documents and MCA doesn’t allow to download all of them in one click. I will have to check each and every document and find out which one do I need, and then I’ll be able to download them one by one.

I was doing the same on my birthday and my brother came to me. When he saw me downloading these documents, he referred me a website called . He got to know about this from the firm he is currently working in. It’s really easy to use and it solved all of my problems related to reports’ downloads. And it charges only a nominal charge of 20 rupees in addition to what MCA charges. That’s the best thing. I gifted my brother Honor 6X mobile for referring me this website. 🙂

2 – Excel shortcuts –


When I joined an articleship firm, I was not used to Excel shortcuts because I thought they are of no use or say not of that much use. But they are! You should use Excel shortcuts. Trust me, it really makes a huge difference. You’ll realize how much your performance has improved once you get used to Excel shortcuts. And just imagine yourself sitting in a group and you’re showing them some reports. You pressed some random buttons and it led you to somewhere the other people have to spend almost 15 to 20 twenty seconds for? Impressive! You’re a hero!
Here, I’m providing some important excel shortcuts for Chartered Accountants.

  1. By pressing Alt button you get access to all the tabs just by typing their respective tab letters.
  2. Press H for Home tab, this I think many of you know already.
  3. To apply filters use (Ctrl+Shift+L)
  4. To auto fit the contents in a cell you can use Alt+ O C A /ALT +HOI
  5. To get sum of all cells, use (Ctrl + =)
    To insert today’s date (Ctrl + 😉

3 – Communication skills –


You’re a CA. You’re earning decent monies and that’s it. No, it shouldn’t be like this. Communication skills are a must along with good English. A good quality product with bad packaging carries very fewer chances of getting sold out as compared to a bad quality product with good packaging. Communication skills, our appearance, our command over a language are all parts of a good packaging.

4 – Explore more –


Being a CA just doesn’t justify your disinterest towards other fields and things. You shouldn’t be limited to what CAs are meant for. Just see around, what if Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Motilal Oswal, K.M Birla, Shekhar Kapoor were concerned about what CAs do only? Don’t keep yourself limited to 6*6 cabin office.

5 – English –


This is a must and I’ve often seen Chartered accountants struggling with this. So, after becoming a CA or during your articleship you should start reading, writing, speaking and anything which can be a help in getting over this problem.

6 – Honesty –


And the last one but very important one; DO NOT cheat to your profession. CAs’ signatures are losing their credibility, and it won’t be a farshot if one predicts that in near future CAs’ signatures will be just a formality. And I warn you, if ever, your signature turned into just a formality, you all will lose your job that day. People won’t hire you against even thousand rupees.

For a chartered accountant, honesty has its own long-term advantages. Ignoring your clients’ frauds can pay you off in the short run but honesty is what will get you big clients in the long run. Be the kind of chartered accountant that tax departments lose their hope of finding any mistake in the accounts of the company you’re handling accounts of. That kind of chartered accountant that it gets deep rooted in tax officials’ mind that looking for a mistake in YOUR clients’ accounts is equal to wasting time.

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Note – Someone informed me that there is Zauba company to download MCA documents easily. Yes, I know Zauba is also there but everyone can’t afford it, as it charges around 400 to 500 hundred per company documents, whereas, CorpData | MCA Documents Download charges only 20 rupees in addition to what MCA charges. Pardon my intellect but it’s like Jio and Vodafone in terms of pricing. There is no comparison.

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