The Modern Age Feminism

Lift: She entered in the lift pushing other boys and no one dared to stop her because she was a girl. And answer me – Is it right to stop a girl from doing something/anything? Oh god, pardon me, the sinner, for asking such a lame question. No one has the right to ask her. Not at all! After all, she is a girl. “Women are the incarnation of Goddess, you stupid moron.” I murmured to myself.

Later on, a boy was staring at her because a small piece of paper was hanging in her hair. She asked raising her eyebrows in high volume, “Why are you looking at me like this?”

Because a boy shouldn’t look at any girl. Hence, the boy deported the idea of telling her why he was looking at her. She is a feminist and she can’t bear up with someone looking at her. It doesn’t matter whatever be the boy’s intention or reason. In case, if she likes someone, she has all the rights to look at him, to give a smile and even touch sometimes. But boys? Oh, you stupid creatures should bang your head into the wall first, and if you still like the girl – You should close your eyes and then approach the girl. Because looking at a girl is not allowed unless she gives it in written with a hundred rupee stamp allowing you to look at her for a particular period of time. Hey, don’t open your eyes while talking to her. A feminist she is, remember this! But how’re you going to look at her without opening your eyes? Perhaps, you’ll need to wake up your sixth sense.

In the mess:
She may not be standing in the queue for last ten to fifteen minutes but she will get Dosa first. Because…gender preference! The girls will go away from there with happy and smiley faces saying thank you to the giver. And that thank you brings in a cloudy smile to the giver. Hey, before you forget your existence between their exchange of smiles I must remind you that you are still waiting there for your chance.

Auto stand:
Just beside her, a boy was waiting for an auto and he was there before she came. The boy waved his hand as he saw an auto coming. The auto stopped in front of them and the driver looked towards the girl. She hurriedly stepped ahead and took the auto. “Bus stand le lo bhaiya,” she ordered the auto driver.

The stupid fellow who stopped the auto looked with amazement. He didn’t know anything about our legal system. There was nothing unusual as it comes within “All men are dogs act. 2016-2017.”

As the bus tyres came in contact with road speed breakers, inside the bus, a boy’s hand slips and unintentionally he touched a girl’s hand. Guess what? She was a feminist. Her highness, she gave him a bad eye only.
“Agh, I’m sorry.” said the stupid creature.
“Bindiya chamkegi, ki chudiya khankegi” song was playing in the bus, and the driver was mumbling song lyrics that suddenly a biker came in front of the bus. The driver applied brakes very smoothly keeping in mind a feminist’s presence on the bus, but still, the effort was not good enough to save passengers from a sudden push. And the boy’s hand again touched the girl’s bag. She was standing still because she was standing by a poll. Before the stupid creature could say sorry again and stand by any other seat to avoid further events – the girl spoke the universal truth, “Main tum jaise ladkon ko achhe se janti hun”.

What a bus driver must keep in mind always is that when feminist is on the bus – He is not allowed to apply brakes suddenly and should drive the bus with extra care. In case, if a biker or anyone else suddenly comes on the way, the driver is not supposed to apply brakes because feminist is on the bus. So blessed the driver and other passengers are to have feminist around them. And the one who ‘ll die is surely going to heaven because giving life for a feminist’s comfort is a holy deed.

Swastik Saraswat | Originally Published in Dimensions Magazine


The case of plagiarism

Some people don’t value the intellectual property rights. Like the rich brats do consider the road and the country as their father’s own property, some people do take internet posts, pictures as their own property and go on publishing the same on their own page or profiles with an additional line, “For more such posts, videos….do like this page.” No, it’s not what they do rarely or sometimes. There are such pages which are surviving on copied posts. How can they do this?

It exasperates me to high extents to know that some people don’t even consider writing, and photography as a task or something worthwhile to get due credits, appreciation or recognition. They do think, “There was no hard work included in writing this post or clicking this photograph? So what if it was shared without your permission and due credits? The motive is to spread this post, so what if due credits were not given to you?” Yes, they do ask such questions. It’s like construction workers asking their managers, “What do you get a high salary for when we do the harder part of the work?”

I mean, do you really think writing is easy? Writers do have to skip their sleep til 4 in the morning to write a couple of thousand words. When I wrote my first novel, I used to sit continuously till 5 or sometimes 6 in the morning because of my laptop’s broken body which didn’t let me type while lying down on the bed, and due to this my groin’s muscles started paining and had to go through a surgery last year. And for people like you, it takes a couple of minutes to copy and repost the same without any amount of shame. I’m angry because a few days back someone found my book ‘The other class of human beings’ on PirateBay torrent website. What a shame!

And it’s not just about books, writing, photography or a video. If you watched a newly released movie on Youtube where someone like you uploaded a leaked or pirated copy. The shame is on you! And to be honest, I watched the leaked copy of Bahubali 2 on Youtube uploaded by a Bangladeshi. But then, even after knowing the whole story I bought an executive class ticket just to make sure that I don’t lose my confidence while speaking against such people who hijack internet posts shamelessly, just to make sure that the makers of the movie do get what they deserve.

It was only yesterday when I saw a video of Steve Cutts on a Facebook page. No credits were given to the Youtuber. People don’t even think for once before hijacking such amazing creative videos. What kind of people are they? Are you one of them?


– Swastik Saraswat