Do you have one more earth with you?

Firing crackers is not a part of your culture or Deepawali; It’s the distortion of your cultural identity. It’s ironical how people of the religion, that is by far the most environment-friendly, are taking pride in firing crackers and poisoning the atmosphere.
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If there is any religion that talks the most of the environmental conservation – it’s Hinduism. Such a religion would never make a thing a part of their tradition or festival celebration that costs dearly to the environment.
And today, I see some people fighting to save their tradition and calling fireworks an integral part of their culture. I doubt if they are cognizant of it that when the Lord Shri Rama came from Lanka to Ayodhya after defeating Raavana, Diyas were lightened to symbolise the victory of light over darkness. Diyas, that use a renewable source of energy as ghee and plant oil, do clean the environment rather than harming it alike our modern generation’s tool of celebration. 
On the other hand, Fireworks were first invented during the 7th century in China by Tang dynasty rulers. As the western world is known for adopting all the wrong things; it made out a way of celebration out of firecrackers. Mughals used firecrackers to impress the royal kings, and later on, after the Britishers’ invasion, firecrackers became a part of any auspicious event in India as well. As we are, by default, highly prone to adopt any western thing and appreciate the same, as we do their blond colour, showing middle finger maybe as a symbol of salutation, and you see – these days some of us from the highly intellectual young generation chanting ‘fuck-fuck’ whole day, analogously, we, the Indians seized firecrackers as a part of Diwali celebration. Now, how would you justify this pollution by saying it’s a part of your festival or culture?
Now, there’s another type of tribe, that confronts everyone who is a backer of not firing crackers by giving, ‘why don’t you ask Muslims to stop slaughtering animals on Eid’ as an excuse. These days, it has become a trend to bring religion into any controversial thing unnecessarily, and start justifying it. How can you justify one wrong with another? Why at all would you bring Bakareid to justify this nonsense act of firing crackers?
No, Deepawali alone is not responsible for global warming or warning signs we are witnessing in the climate. But somehow, the way, we, the world as a whole, celebrate Deepawali, Christmas, New year, and any other important festival has played a requisite role in this. Undoubtedly, the primary role was played by industrialisation. 
In the end, it’s not about firing crackers; it’s about our insouciance attitude towards the environment. Do you have one more earth saved in your pocket? Going by our attitude, the chances of your answer being a no are scarcer, however, by chance, if the answer is NO, then plant trees, and save water&electricity. Because merely not firing crackers won’t be even a drop in the ocean. Make it a lakelet at least.
~ Swastik Saraswat



A Patriarchal And Biased Mindset

Here, the things are not generalized but the penman reasons that at somewhere, somehow, it’s happening and it represents a section of our society if not our country at large.

A few decades ago, people used to kill her as soon as she arrived in the world. Today, the technology is advanced, if not their mentality. So with the help of the same technology, they started doing abortions of girl children. In near future, it’s possible that using more advanced technology men will release only Y chromosome sperms.

Despite all this, the lucky ones get to see the world. Would they let her live peacefully now? Shame on their manliness if they did. Isn’t it?

When she was a child, her brother took a bat and a ball when she was asked to hold Belan. And from there, the brother starts thinking that girls are meant to do the regular chores and boys to play, in that term as well. Mentality!

When she spent her time working at home, cooking food and doing all the “girly” works, her brother used to ramble around on the streets with his friends and when he returned back home Mumma’s lovely girl serves the food she prepared. He’s tired after all. Now people question – how girls get matured early? Here’s the logical answer, but only if you want to accept.

She started studying with her brother. She always managed to achieve higher ranks than her brother in all the exams. But of what use? Because they say – “Aage jake gharbar hi to sambhalna hai”.

In adolescence:
When men of her father’s age used to ogle at her, she used to wonder how safe women in their own house are.
When she used to travel on the bus, many cool dudes used to ogle at her while trying to come close and touch her imputing the bumpy road, and it was owing to them that she started to talk guardedly with everyone because their aimed-ends are not inscribed on their countenance and she doesn’t have superpowers to get a see into their hearts.

If she steps out of her home late at night and that too after taking prior consent from her parents; many CCTV like eyes will always be chasing her from the upper balconies querying ‘where is she going?’.
Next day, early in the morning, those CCTV aunties will come and ask indirectly,”Where did she go yesterday? She came late in the evening.” Their anticipation is, ‘She went to a party to meet her boyfriend.’

Before marriage:
When relatives used to ask only one question to her parents, “koi ladka dekha ya nahin”; She used to wonder if her relatives have to compensate for her studies and food.
Finally, when around seven to eight members of a family came to see her for their son. They asked the same question which they had probably asked many cooks also. “What type of dishes you can cook?”
From the girl’s side, the counter question to her in-laws is often only one, “What about her studies?”
“No limitation! She can study til she wants.”, they reply with melting sugar in their mouth.

After marriage:
Her in-laws are so good that they do not have any problem with her studies but the only condition is that she won’t step out of her house. The possibility is there that they are expecting the examiners to come to her house.
After a year or two, her parents-in-law are getting old and they want to see their grandson playing in their lap before going to, let’s be kind-hearted, say heaven. Husband’s requests, in-laws’ pressure, relatives’ questions and all those unimaginable things forced her to give birth to a child.
Her dreams of further studies kissed her a goodbye with each one of her child’s dirty nappies she washed. Her child is four years old now, and she has given up on her dream and wants her child to study and secure a good job. She prepares breakfast, lunch, in the evening she waits for her husband and cooks food for dinner and late at night she has voluntary or involuntary sex, say love making if sex sounds in a way too realistic to admit; that’s all she has to do. Making a career you know. It’s difficult.
But still, she doesn’t complain anyone, nor did her mother when she was of her age. Will you?

Swastik Saraswat | Actually published in Dimensions Magazine

The case of plagiarism

Some people don’t value the intellectual property rights. Like the rich brats do consider the road and the country as their father’s own property, some people do take internet posts, pictures as their own property and go on publishing the same on their own page or profiles with an additional line, “For more such posts, videos….do like this page.” No, it’s not what they do rarely or sometimes. There are such pages which are surviving on copied posts. How can they do this?

It exasperates me to high extents to know that some people don’t even consider writing, and photography as a task or something worthwhile to get due credits, appreciation or recognition. They do think, “There was no hard work included in writing this post or clicking this photograph? So what if it was shared without your permission and due credits? The motive is to spread this post, so what if due credits were not given to you?” Yes, they do ask such questions. It’s like construction workers asking their managers, “What do you get a high salary for when we do the harder part of the work?”

I mean, do you really think writing is easy? Writers do have to skip their sleep til 4 in the morning to write a couple of thousand words. When I wrote my first novel, I used to sit continuously till 5 or sometimes 6 in the morning because of my laptop’s broken body which didn’t let me type while lying down on the bed, and due to this my groin’s muscles started paining and had to go through a surgery last year. And for people like you, it takes a couple of minutes to copy and repost the same without any amount of shame. I’m angry because a few days back someone found my book ‘The other class of human beings’ on PirateBay torrent website. What a shame!

And it’s not just about books, writing, photography or a video. If you watched a newly released movie on Youtube where someone like you uploaded a leaked or pirated copy. The shame is on you! And to be honest, I watched the leaked copy of Bahubali 2 on Youtube uploaded by a Bangladeshi. But then, even after knowing the whole story I bought an executive class ticket just to make sure that I don’t lose my confidence while speaking against such people who hijack internet posts shamelessly, just to make sure that the makers of the movie do get what they deserve.

It was only yesterday when I saw a video of Steve Cutts on a Facebook page. No credits were given to the Youtuber. People don’t even think for once before hijacking such amazing creative videos. What kind of people are they? Are you one of them?


– Swastik Saraswat

What do your pictures tell you?

It was a Sunday night and the second time since I started going for a night walk after dinner. I had finished ten rounds of our society’s park on the previous night. During the walk, I received a what’s app message and my phone vibrated. It was video one of my friends sent me with a short line that said, “Stare into the eyes of this person appearing in the video for 25 seconds.”

I stood near to a tree taking a break from my walk and watched the video. It was a prank video. Just after 25 seconds, a ghost appeared in the video and made a shrill cry which almost ruptured my eardrums. And I was afraid for a moment. I started my walk again while my mind was still thinking about ghostly things. And just after a while, god knows what made me remind of my society’s security guard, who was mysteriously killed last year. And I didn’t think about him for all these 380 days after he was killed, but only today when I was on a night-walk after having my dinner. But do you think I’m a coward? I’m not. So, I continued my walk and just after a few moments, I heard a mysterious sound behind me.
Okay, now listen! I may be blessed with tons of courage, but that was my last round of the park, and it’s been 20 days after that incident, and it’s very unlikely that I’d ever, at least for a year, gather courage again to go for a walk in that park at night.

But what wonders me is the order of things which happened. I was happy. I saw a ghost video on my smartphone; then I remembered the security guard who was killed last year, and then I heard a mysterious sound from somewhere behind me. And a day before everything was fine in the park which led me to the completion of ten rounds of that park at night. How and why?

Pictures can express a thousand words. Don’t they? Besides those words, they do also evoke emotions, and those emotions should not be ignored. Various studies have shown that the people who see the kind of images or videos which evoke happy emotions in the morning manage to keep themselves happy throughout the day. The reason being a happy soul attracts positive vibes and when you’re sad, you invite negative vibes.

When you see a photo, it’s just a matter of seconds that you stared at that photo. But the impression which the picture left on your heart and mind won’t abandon you for a long time as it didn’t me.

Let me show you a photo I clicked of my nephew a couple of years back and you tell me what emotions does that picture evokes in your mind. befunky_img_4613-jpg_edited




Now, let me show you another photo, which I clicked last year, and you tell me what’s the scene this time.img_0276_edited11



Did you notice the difference how your mind reacted? And that’s the reason you should always smile when you find someone holding a DSLR in front of you. So that whenever in the future you see your pictures again, you get some positivity and feel happy.

By the way, I’m yet to find out what emotions do pout pictures call in our mind. If you find out, please let me know.

Swastik Saraswat


Why’re you here?

I want an answer to this question; why are you here? why are we here?

Behind every one reason to prove god’s existence there are ten of them to prove his absence.

Ask any son of a noblewoman, religious scholar, priest, or Mullah, he won’t be able to answer you why god created us?

The almighty god is the ruler of this world.” they say.

Enough of this adulation! You say god created us. God created this universe. But the question is why? what was the reason behind creating us?
An Islamic scholar wrote in his book that, “God created us because he wanted someone to communicate with him. Someone to love him. ”

If so, who is the selfish here?

In Christianity and Hinduism “Offer whatever you do in your life to me.”

Is it why you created us?

In the process of adulation, they say god loves peace. He forgives us for our sins, and he is kind. So is it why every day thousands of people are getting killed in the name of the same god who loves peace and kindness? And the almighty can’t even come once to make his own children understand that he loves peace?

Some, not all, Pundits are looting the devotees and yet god didn’t appear to stop those thugs despite knowing it all. Why?

However, in Hinduism, the concept of ‘Devta’ seems to be plausible to some extent. Because Devta gives birth to neither the universe nor the man. Devta’s existence is only after the birth of this universe.

Why do we exist? Why is the earth not as other planets like Saturn, Mars etc.? Why the bloody thing called ‘life’ existed here only? The earth would have been even healthier if we were not present here; then why? There is no ultimate purpose of our life which includes the whole of humanity.

They say everyone exists because he/she has some goals. But I’m asking what if we all were not present here? For example, doctor’s profession exists to cure patients. What if there were no patients?

So one who believes in god will never have an answer to these questions. Because he strongly believes that god created us, but there is no answer to ‘why?’

What’s your take on this?

~ Swastik Saraswat

What she wanted to tell me before I became an orphan?

It’s hard to be liberal when you see your dying mother asking you to leave her immediately, and the same way it’s easy to be liberal running your fingers on keyboard buttons and periodically grabbing the coffee cup to take a sip…..[read more..-

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Who’re you? Introduce yourself.

This post should have been published earlier as the first introductory article of this blog. But not my fault! It has always been a task for me to introduce myself, blame my extraordinary invisible life achievements or my dislike to the concept of self-introduction.
After the grand success of my first blog post which fetched as many as two likes, I thought of giving a look to other famous WordPress blogs. One of which I saw was started just a few months back. I hurriedly looked for the blog’s first post to reconfirm whether it’s only me to receive such a huge response to the very first article of my blog or there are more like me. Unfortunately, she wasn’t as successful as me with only eighty likes on the first post in which she introduced herself. Here, after reading her introductory post, I thought of trying my hands on the same. Not that I do copy people but there shouldn’t be an issue with trying what you’re not comfortable with. Or else what sense will the comfort-zone-ven-diagram posts make which we often see being shared on facebook pages?


Hello, my name is Swastik Saraswat…err! That’s too formal, no? Let’s just go with the flow and respect the comfort zone which is much needed than the magic.
Another problem with me is that when exams are around, so deep a sudden crave for writing emerges into my heart that I can’t resist the feeling. I already own a Facebook page which has managed to get around ten thousand likes so far, of course, with the help of other page editors; Suyash Pandey is the co-editor and sometimes, I feel he is more loyal than me to the page. The page has mainly been used to spread a few thoughts related to core Indian politics and social issues. Besides this, I have also written a book titled ‘The Other Class Of Human Beings‘ which is live on Amazon. I’m pretty sure none of you does know about it but don’t worry, someday you will. And yes, I do also like to click photographs which I upload on National Geographic website’s open platform. Needless to say, I’ll upload them on this blog too.

This weekend, when another entrance exam is around on 28th of January, I felt like doing something new and start a blog with a resolution that I shall write a new post every other day. This time, I’m not going to keep myself limited to the core Indian issues or a particular field. I’ll post all the stuff from what I get to see on the streets of India to the India of my brain; from Rajasthan’s sand dunes to the food dishes I do try to make; from my childhood stories to the vast fiction world residing in my brain. Hope to see you hovering around the posts every time. And wait! Somebody told me that my blog’s ‘follow’ button is not working, so before you share my blog would you please test the ‘follow’ button on the right-bottom corner of this page?