Do you have one more earth with you?

Firing crackers is not a part of your culture or Deepawali; It’s the distortion of your cultural identity. It’s ironical how people of the religion, that is by far the most environment-friendly, are taking pride in firing crackers and poisoning the atmosphere.
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If there is any religion that talks the most of the environmental conservation – it’s Hinduism. Such a religion would never make a thing a part of their tradition or festival celebration that costs dearly to the environment.
And today, I see some people fighting to save their tradition and calling fireworks an integral part of their culture. I doubt if they are cognizant of it that when the Lord Shri Rama came from Lanka to Ayodhya after defeating Raavana, Diyas were lightened to symbolise the victory of light over darkness. Diyas, that use a renewable source of energy as ghee and plant oil, do clean the environment rather than harming it alike our modern generation’s tool of celebration. 
On the other hand, Fireworks were first invented during the 7th century in China by Tang dynasty rulers. As the western world is known for adopting all the wrong things; it made out a way of celebration out of firecrackers. Mughals used firecrackers to impress the royal kings, and later on, after the Britishers’ invasion, firecrackers became a part of any auspicious event in India as well. As we are, by default, highly prone to adopt any western thing and appreciate the same, as we do their blond colour, showing middle finger maybe as a symbol of salutation, and you see – these days some of us from the highly intellectual young generation chanting ‘fuck-fuck’ whole day, analogously, we, the Indians seized firecrackers as a part of Diwali celebration. Now, how would you justify this pollution by saying it’s a part of your festival or culture?
Now, there’s another type of tribe, that confronts everyone who is a backer of not firing crackers by giving, ‘why don’t you ask Muslims to stop slaughtering animals on Eid’ as an excuse. These days, it has become a trend to bring religion into any controversial thing unnecessarily, and start justifying it. How can you justify one wrong with another? Why at all would you bring Bakareid to justify this nonsense act of firing crackers?
No, Deepawali alone is not responsible for global warming or warning signs we are witnessing in the climate. But somehow, the way, we, the world as a whole, celebrate Deepawali, Christmas, New year, and any other important festival has played a requisite role in this. Undoubtedly, the primary role was played by industrialisation. 
In the end, it’s not about firing crackers; it’s about our insouciance attitude towards the environment. Do you have one more earth saved in your pocket? Going by our attitude, the chances of your answer being a no are scarcer, however, by chance, if the answer is NO, then plant trees, and save water&electricity. Because merely not firing crackers won’t be even a drop in the ocean. Make it a lakelet at least.
~ Swastik Saraswat



Who’re you? Introduce yourself.

Hello, my name is Swastik Saraswat…err! That’s too formal, no? Let’s just go with the flow and respect the comfort zone which is much needed than the magic.
Another problem with me is that when exams are around, so deep a sudden crave for writing emerges into my heart that I can’t resist the feeling…..]

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Who’re you? Introduce yourself.

This post should have been published earlier as the first introductory article of this blog. But not my fault! It has always been a task for me to introduce myself, blame my extraordinary invisible life achievements or my dislike to the concept of self-introduction.
After the grand success of my first blog post which fetched as many as two likes, I thought of giving a look to other famous WordPress blogs. One of which I saw was started just a few months back. I hurriedly looked for the blog’s first post to reconfirm whether it’s only me to receive such a huge response to the very first article of my blog or there are more like me. Unfortunately, she wasn’t as successful as me with only eighty likes on the first post in which she introduced herself. Here, after reading her introductory post, I thought of trying my hands on the same. Not that I do copy people but there shouldn’t be an issue with trying what you’re not comfortable with. Or else what sense will the comfort-zone-ven-diagram posts make which we often see being shared on facebook pages?


Hello, my name is Swastik Saraswat…err! That’s too formal, no? Let’s just go with the flow and respect the comfort zone which is much needed than the magic.
Another problem with me is that when exams are around, so deep a sudden crave for writing emerges into my heart that I can’t resist the feeling. I already own a Facebook page which has managed to get around ten thousand likes so far, of course, with the help of other page editors; Suyash Pandey is the co-editor and sometimes, I feel he is more loyal than me to the page. The page has mainly been used to spread a few thoughts related to core Indian politics and social issues. Besides this, I have also written a book titled ‘The Other Class Of Human Beings‘ which is live on Amazon. I’m pretty sure none of you does know about it but don’t worry, someday you will. And yes, I do also like to click photographs which I upload on National Geographic website’s open platform. Needless to say, I’ll upload them on this blog too.

This weekend, when another entrance exam is around on 28th of January, I felt like doing something new and start a blog with a resolution that I shall write a new post every other day. This time, I’m not going to keep myself limited to the core Indian issues or a particular field. I’ll post all the stuff from what I get to see on the streets of India to the India of my brain; from Rajasthan’s sand dunes to the food dishes I do try to make; from my childhood stories to the vast fiction world residing in my brain. Hope to see you hovering around the posts every time. And wait! Somebody told me that my blog’s ‘follow’ button is not working, so before you share my blog would you please test the ‘follow’ button on the right-bottom corner of this page?