Dear children, I know elders are stupid. But….

Are you killing the creativity of your child? Is your behavior not letting him be himself in front of you? Do you get your children video games to show your love to them? Ask your child to read it out then –

Children are wise and grown ups are brainless for children live a life and they understand what life is all about. On the other hand, it has been really long since the grown-ups encountered the real life when they were children. Now, their brains have forgotten what real life is. They have been brainwashed in big institutions by their teachers and professors, by the society, by their relatives, by the people they have been meeting after their childhood. How could they carry a brain which understands the concept of real life for such a long period of time?

Dear children, don’t feel bad when your Papa starts shouting at you because you’re dancing or singing and it irritated your father. Don’t feel bad when you ask them to draw a tree in your sketchbook and they keep making excuses of being bad at drawing as if you wanted to take a test of your parents. Be kind to your elders and especially your parents. They’re the most agonized creatures of this world.


Picture source – psypost dot org.

Dear children, you should show a little more understanding towards grown-ups. Actually, grown ups are the victims of their own life. They are victims of the social structure their parents, their parents of parents left behind for them. They are victims of this world’s bad system. You see they have forgotten how it feels to dance without a reason, to talk alone, to smile without a reason, to dream how it feels to touch stars, to imagine how it feels to touch the clouds; my friends.

They don’t remember what is above or below these materialistic things called money, wealth, status, power, promotion, and recognition.They earn money. Never ask them what are their real plans or else they would reply ‘to make more money of the money they have.’ Isn’t it a little funny and weird? Yes, it’s, but to them. That’s how they are – sick and stupid grown-ups. They don’t seek happiness yet they cry for their sad and boring life. But don’t ask them what they did to attain happiness, containment, calmness, and peace; or they tell you that they bought the most expensive sofa set to be happy.

But children, you do have a purpose – happiness. Your actions are driven by your crave to be happy. Whatever makes you happy, brings a smile to your face is important to you. The more the younger, the more the wiser.

And now, let me reveal a secret to you my friends – The whole world is conspiring against you to kill your childhood and make you alike your elders. Your parents, teachers, many other weird creatures around you will ask you to not play and just study hard. They’ll try to keep you busy in studies with lots of homework and all that shit. When you’re done with your homework they’ve even TV sets, smartphones, and many expensive games for you to play and kill your childhood. And those video games will attract you, but……you’re smart. You’ll choose to go out and play for the beauty of childhood. And see, the beauty of childhood is not in those video games, smartphones, and TV sets; It’s there on the ground in getting your knees skinned sometimes. You’re not going to remember how much you scored in which game and against whom, but the day you cried after getting your knees skinned while playing. Study hard but don’t forget the world besides those books.

Cheers for your childhood! And now, give back this device to your elders.

I hope your child enjoyed reading this. Now, I have a question for you. Do you also lash out at your children sometimes and get annoyed by their questions?

~ Swastik Saraswat


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